20140825 Dinner with friends

Dinner with Lynn and Ken
It was my pleasure to come to Lynn and Ken’s house last night. Their place was distant from the downtown Jincheng. I left early fot their place in fear of getting lost and then arriving late. So, I got out of my so-called office at around 5:50 and rode my scooter to Jushan, the village where their house sits. The night nearly darkened. I dropped
by a mall and bought two bottles of drinks because I didnt want to visit without any gifts. I took a wrong road, but soon enough stopped onto the right one. I reached their beautiful house earlier than our appointed time. It is a nice home stay. Its facade is upgraded and cleaned, which is a feast for the eyes. Lynn was a bit shocked by my early arrival as they were still setting up the table and stuff. We had a small chat and then as she was sweating, she decided to take a shower and left me sitting on the recliner. No sooner had I sat down than Ken walked out of the kitchen and sat right before me. He’d finished all the cooking and we chatted about military service in general. He was wondering about the current military training and conscription in Kinmen and Taiwan.

Firsr, contrary to his belief that soldiers should be intensely trained, he didn’t see much training in the bases of Kinmen. For instance, British soldiers would do lots of drills and trainings like push-ups, sit-up, pull-ups, or long-distance running.

Second, he thought for countries that don’t have threatening enemies, it boggles his mind that they still have compulsary militay service. In the UK, they have professional army and men are not conscripted to army. I boldly predicted that the military service will turn voluntary comprehensively.

Third, he asked me what I did as a substitute service draftee in Cultura Affairs Bureau. From his countence and reaction, I could tell he didn’t think what I do is close to a soldier’s duty in a narrow sense. Yet, generally speaking, serving the army includes front-line combat training and rear services concerning with military logistics and support.

As Lynn was done with shower, she showed me around the house. It is literally a spacious houses with many rooms. The interior design was also marvelous, with lots of antiques and old but durable furnitures. Without air condition, the air ventilation itself and the fan keeps the room cool. There are three bedrrooms, two for rent. They really made it look comfortable and quaint. I would definitely recommend this home stay for visitors.

After the short tour of the house, we were ready to dig in. I think Lynn heard my stomach rumbling, so she rushed the prep work and pressed me to sit down and help myself. On the table were many mouthwatering dishes, such as “spicy and sweet Spanish soup”, “Indian fried rice,” “american salad dressing”, “bread and butter,” “deserts.” I was busy talking and were it not for Lynn’s help, I would have been talking and have not filled my bowl with rice and stuff. Then, we just talked over dinner. Such a beautiful night with good friends and tasty food. We talked about English teaching, army training, Jarita, my life, and theirs. Hours really slipped by. By the time I notied the it was already 8 o’clok. I was supposed meet with my friends and colleages, David and Jeru, right at that time. As a result, I tried to end our conversation, yet it was in vain. So, I just told them I had to leave, and they intended me to take my food with me back to my dormitory. It was really nice of them. As I got all their prepared food and my bag and stepped out of the house, Lynn saw her neighbors was sitting in their house and introduced me to them. Then, we had another 30-minute long talk in the yard and in the square, taking in all the dim-lighted stars and feeling the breeze. What a soothing and tranquil night. The clock struck nine o’clock. I thought I was already one hour late for another appointment, so I waved them goodbye and thanked them for their treat. Riding on my scooter, I was on my way to 85 degree Cafe. I called my friend, but no one answered. I think I made some four calls until he picked up. He said he would be here soon and told me to sign and come out again. So I did. Around 9:30, I got into the car, and we headed toward an outdoorarea near a lake, where we talked about school the following one and a half hours. Thank you guys for coming. I enjoy recalling the memory of the good old days, and I hope I could be useful in makig your life better.

I returned to the dormitory at around 11. After a quick shower, I was wide awake but lied on my bed nonetheless. Then, I just drifted into dreamland.