texting English

Examples of texting English:

b4 – before
bc – because
10q – thank you
bk – back
d8 – date
w8 – wait
ez – easy
l8tr – later
2l8 – too late
qt – cutie
a3 – anyplace, anytime, anywhere
asap – as soon as possible
laff – laugh
bau – business as usual
brb – I’ll be right back
btw – by the way
fyi – for your information
cwof – complete waste of time
hand – have a nice day
ltns – long time no see
urok – you are okay
2m2h – too much to handle
2mi, tmi – too much information
yoyo – you’re on your own
@wrk all wk – at work all weekend
k – OK
luk@dis – look at this
pos – parent(s) over shoulder
gnblfy – got nothing but love for you
AAAAA – American Association Against Acronym Abuse